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Welcome to the Clan!

Who is Malus Dextra?

Encapsulated Studios: Metal Music Production Hub

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Malus Dextra found its roots in 2017 when guitarist Justin Ruesch (formerly of D-Railed/Brutal Harmony) came together with vocalist Wayne Allison (formerly of A Strand of Fate/Victims of Life). Their goal was clear: to offer the world music that transcended the confines of genre and subgenres. While the band's foundation is deeply rooted in metal, their music resonates with a diverse audience – from fans of Killswitch Engage to Slayer to I Prevail.

The duo entered Encapsulated Studios to produce their debut self-titled album, which was released on October 31, 2017. The album received support through tours in the Midwest and upper East Coast during 2018. Following up, Malus Dextra released their second full-length album, "The Gate," on October 31, 2020. This release was accompanied by tours across the Midwest. Additionally, the band put forth two simultaneous releases: "Bangin Bionic Beats," a 6-track EP featuring reimagined tracks from both "Self-Titled" and "The Gate," skillfully remixed by John McLucas from McLucas Studios (CA); and "A Somber Moment," a 6-track EP showcasing a softer, acoustic facet of the artist. The latter was recorded at Encapsulated Studios with producer/engineer Gabe Usery. Both EPs were launched on October 31, 2021. Just before recording "A Somber Moment," the band embraced a new core member – guitarist/bassist Alex Smick (Warheadd) – who took charge of bass duties in support of the album.

In 2022, Malus Dextra once again entered Encapsulated Studios to craft tracks for their third full-length album titled "III," marking their fifth studio album release. The album will be released in parts, with "Part 1"  releasing November 2022 with support from WormHoleDeath Records. The lead single from the album, "Tomorrow,"  launched on March 25th, 2022, available on all major streaming platforms, followed up with the second single "Pit" late 2022. As of late 2023, Malus Dextra finds themselves back in the studio, working on tracking for "Part 2" of the "Malus Dextra III" album. The official release date for this second part is yet to be announced, building anticipation among their dedicated fanbase.

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