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"Malus Dextra’s music speaks volumes about the band, and you need to check them out. Seriously, killer fucking underground metal, and they have a self-titled album landing on your heads on Halloween 2017; pre-orders will start on October 1st." Tom Hanno Chimera Magazine


Coming in at just over thirty minutes, the eight track debut album gives you very little warning about what you’re about to experience; opening track “Annihilation” goes from nothing to in your face within the first ten seconds! The scratch vocals come at you with so much passion and energy that you can feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, as the guitars and drums dance together beautifully in the background, before there is a very harmonic change that showcase lighter sounds and nice clean vocals that caught this reviewer off guard. The breakdown that showcases a little guitar solo is just a nice cherry on top and a teaser of what is yet to come.