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Welcome to the FAQ page. Here, we've compiled a set of answers addressing your queries about our band's history, music, and upcoming projects. Delve into the world of our genre-defying sound, influences that shape our music, and the journey that brought us to where we stand today. Whether you're curious about our discography, tour dates, or the creative process behind our tracks, this FAQ is your gateway to understanding the relentless energy that fuels Malus Dextra.

What is the meaning of the band name?

The name "Malus Dextra" translates to "Evil Right" in Latin. It embodies our band's philosophy of embracing the darker aspects of life and art, while also signifying the strength to challenge conventional norms with our music.

How many core members are in the band?

The core band of Malus Dextra consists of three talented members.

How can I book the band for an event?

ooking Malus Dextra for your event is easy. Simply contact us.

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