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Traces Of Hate - Malus Dextra
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Died In Your Arms (cover) - Malus Dextra
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Voodoo - Malus Dextra
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Unspoken Words (acoustic) - Malus Dextra
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Malus Dextra

Formed 2016

Based out of St. Louis MO





Original Members:

Wayne Allison-Vocals

Justin Ruesch-Guitar

Alex Smick-Bass/Guitar

Live performer assistance

Justin Keane-Guitar

Brent Curtin-Drums 


Additional Studio Album work:

Major Harper - Self Titled Album/The Gate


Justin Ruesch:

Multiple independent tours across the country.

Has worked with Ronnie Honeycutt (Orig Jackyl vocalist) and David Adam Monroe

and Steve Ewing of The Urge and Modern Day Zero.

Shared the stage with acts  such as,  

Tantric, Static X and Otep to name a few. 

Featured in 4 terrestrial radio festivals. 

Song THE FALLEN (DRailed) has been played by over 30 b market stations across the country, making its way to #1 in Bloomington IL most requested.  Seen endorsements from the likes of Peavey and Washburn.

Been involved with DeathbymetalSTL Magazine, Media and Local news. 



Wayne Allison:

Multi. independent tours in the country. 

Has shared the stage with artists such as

Drowning Pool, Bleed the Sky, Lynch Mob, Throw the Fight and more. 

Song PAST (AStrandOfFate) featured on Indy film The Unusual Calling Of Charlie Christmas. Along with playing a walk on roll in the film. 

Featured in Oklahoma ranked #1  Metal/Rock for 13 consecutive months. Founder of Traumasphere Ent. and Traumafest

Has seen endorsements from Budwiser. Linkage Beard Co, Dirtbag,

Alex Smick:

Handfull of independent tours in the midwest.

Live support members

Brent Curtin:

Live drummer performed shared the stage with national acts such as Escape The Fate, Soulfly, Suicide Silence, Dayseeker, Powerman 5000  and more. Current drummer for As Earth Shatters.

Justin Keane:

Multiple independent tours in the midwest, founder of rock metal band

Blackdeth. Former co member of DRailed who had been featured by over 30 b market radio stations.





               Traces of Hate


               Died in your Arms (cover)

 (Self titled album and Special release)

               The Fall

               Your Disease

               The Awakening

(The Gate Album)

               Unspoken Words

(Acoustic Album A Somber Moment)



(Malus Dextra III part-1)


               Self Titled

    (release date Oct 31st 2017)

               The Gate

   (release date Oct 31st 2020)

               Bangin Bionic Beats

   (release date Oct 31st 2021)

               A Somber Moment

   (release date Oct 31st 2021)

               Malus Dextra III part-1

   (release date Nov 25th 2022)

Music Video:


    (Released Feb 2018)

                        Your Disease

    (Released 2020)

                        Unspoken Words

    (Released Oct 2021)


    (Released Oct 2022)


 Malus Dextra hails from St. Louis, MO. where guitarist Justin Ruesch (former D-Railed/Brutal Harmony) resides, formed 2017 after recruiting vocalist Wayne Allison (former A Strand of Fate/Victims of Life) with the intent to bring the world music that was not limited to boundaries of genre and subgenres. Although the core of the band is metal the music speaks to the masses for fans ranging from Killswitch Engage to Slayer to I Prevail, the two entered Encapsulated Studios to record the debut “Self-Titled” album, released Oct 31, 2017, and was supported with mid-west and upper east coast touring in 2018. The bands second full-length album titled “The Gate” was released Oct 31, 2020, supported by mid-west touring, followed by dual releases “Bangin Bionic Beats” a 6 song EP featuring tracks from both the “Self Titled” and “The Gate” remixed and reimagined by John McLucas from McLucas Studios (CA), and “A Somber Moment” a 6 song softer acoustic side from the artist recorded at Encapsulated Studios with producer/engineer Gabe Usery , both Eps released on Oct 31, 2021. Shortly before the recording of “A Somber Moment” the band welcomed a new core member guitarist/bassist Alex Smick (Warheadd) handling bass tracks in support of the album. 2022 Malus Dextra have once again stepped into Encapsulated Studios to record tracks for their 3rd full length album titled “III” making this their 5th studio album released. The album is slated to be a multipart release with “Part 1” released Nov 25th, 2022. “Tomorrow” the first single to release of the album March 25th 2022 on all streaming platforms.



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