Died In Your Arms (cover) - Malus Dextra
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Traces Of Hate - Malus Dextra
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Malus Dextra

Formed 2016

Based out of St. Louis MO/Savonburg KS






Wayne Allison-Vocals

Justin Ruesch-Guitar

Former members:

Brian Casanover-Drums

Will Dempsey-Guitar/Vocals 

Johnny B-Bass     


Additional Studio Album work:

Major Harper



First Single: Traces of Hate

   (released summer 2017)


Cover Release: Died in your arms

   (released fall 2017)


Albums: Self Titled

    (released Oct 31st 2017)


Music Video: Wanderer

    (Released Feb 2018)



 Malus Dextra, formed to make in impact in the music scene with heavy, hard hitting music designed to make you love the band for all the right reasons. Too often do the flash and lights blind the true talent and the music itself,  Their ability to blend melodic and highly aggressive vocals in patterns that span every side of the metal genre itself, makes them a rare diamond in the rough. Malus Dextra is resetting the clock’s of time and bringing you back to the most important thing, Metal!

 Too often do subgenere’s get in the way and limit the ability to be true to yourself and your creativity, you will not find that here! Malus Dextra brings all the subgenere’s together to give you diversity and intensity! Hoping to give the fans and musicians just what the industry has been missing, Unity!



Justin Ruesch:

Multiple independent tours across the country.

Has worked with Ronnie Honeycutt (Orig Jackyl vocalist) and David Adam Monroe

and Steve Ewing of The Urge and Modern Day Zero.

Shared the stage with acts  such as,  

Tantric, Static X and Step to name a few. 

Featured in 4 terrestrial radio festivals. 

Song THE FALLEN (DRailed) has been played by over 30 b market stations across the country, making its way to #1 in Bloomington IL most requested.  Seen endorsements from the likes of Peavey and Washburn.  

Been involved with DeathbymetalSTL Magazine, Media and Local news. 



Wayne Allison:

Multi. independent tours in the country. 

Has shared the stage with artists such as

Drowning Pool, Bleed the Sky, Lynch Mob, Throw the Fight and more. 

Song PAST (AStrandOfFate) featured on Indy film The Unusual Calling Of Charlie Christmas. Along with playing a walk on roll in the film. 

Featured in Oklahoma ranked #1  Metal/Rock for 13 consecutive months. 

Has seen endorsements from Budwiser.



Brian Casanover:

Indi-Semi National Touring Artist. I’ve played various venues and concert clubs in over 40 of the US States from The Sunset Strip of Hollywood, CA all the way to Daytona Beach Florida with many of today’s top metal and rock artist including Seether, Three Day’s Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Saving Able, Static X, Gemini Syndrome, HED PE, and many more. I Started playing drums at age 12, Performed with St. Louis junior Symphony Orchestra as a percussionist, Original Drummer for Mind Flow in the late 90’s (St. Louis rap metal core) Drummer for Surreal (St Louis pop /jam)2001-2005, D-Railed (Semi-National ) 2005-2017), Brutal Harmony (2015-2017) Sonic Recoil (2007-2016) Evading Azrael (2012) My personal endorsements include Saluda Cymbals and Premier Drums.



Will Dempsey:

Performed guitar in Virgina cover band Gutted, with simi-regional 


Johnny B:

Many years of experience playing drums and bass both off and on stage, Bassist with touring bands D-Railed and Knights of Remnant.

Studio session musician with professional studios in St Louis and surrounding area. Plays Ibanez bass, using Ampeg and Carvin ampand cabs with Roctron effects.

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Voodoo - Malus Dextra
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September 24, 2017

Sept 24th 2017 Review

Malus Dextra, have you ever heard of this group? Well, if you haven’t then you are about to, and you will thank me later. This Missouri based band is gonna knock you out with their one-two punch of hard hitting metal riffs, and mix of brutal and clean vocals.

I’ll copy and post a bit from their Facebook Bio right now, “Malus Dextra is not a band in the traditional sense. They have members of course but their identities are unimportant. In this day and age of flash over substance, sometimes it seems like the music itself isn’t as important as the image. Well….here you have a group of guys who disagree!” I, for one, hate the image associated with some bands. The music should be what’s important, and not what they look like, what they wear, or how many tattoos they have. Malus Dextra’s music speaks volumes about the band, and you need to check them out. Seriously, killer fucking underground metal, and they have a self-titled album landing on your heads on Halloween 2017; pre-orders will start on October 1st.

Malus Dextra contains 8 tracks of blistering metal. There is a healthy supply of thrash infused riffs, and I grew up on 80’s thrash so I know what I’m talking about there. Thankfully they have given their music a modernized twist, and share some things in common with bands like Ded; that nu-metal influence is in there. My favorite track is “Traces of Hate”, which is also their lead-off single. I’ve mentioned in other reviews how much I love the 8th note chug style riffing, and this song has it. There’s an Exodus vibe going on, think the song “Blacklist” by them and you’ll have a general idea of that chug I’m speaking of. Vocally, there’s a bit of Phil Anselmo to be heard, and the edge in the vocals really adds to the track. Something else about the vocals that I liked was that, even though they are heavy, I could understand everything being said. Another standout is “Through My Eyes”, which opens up with a killer bass and drum groove. The tone of the bass is fat, it kind of has the pin pong ball bouncing sound that I like, and is not muddy at all; when the guitars enter they double the part with heavy palm muting, and it’s as heavy as a ten-ton hammer. I love the guitar tone across this album, it’s raw, yet refined; an Exodus, or Overkill, type of style. In the vocal department there is a Coal Chamber influence here and there, and it’s not an overbearing clone of Dez, but the influence can assuredly be heard. Album closer, “Decay”, showcases the softer side of the band; all acoustic, and clean vocals. This is a great example of a band that can thrash with the best, and lay back to write something beautiful too. The rest of the album is full of the type of metal that instigates pits, gets the crowd amped up, and makes heads bang in unison.

I stress that fact that you should give this group a listen. Malus Dextra is an up-and-coming band that has crafted an excellent, self-released album. On October 1st, 2017 will be able to pre-order Malus Dextra, and on Halloween 2017 you will be able to pick it up. So make sure you do!

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