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Who is Malus Dextra?

Malus Dextra is not a band in the traditional sense. They have members of course but their identities are unimportant. In this day and age of flash over substance, sometimes it seems like the music itself isn't as important as the image. you have a group of guys who disagree! The point of this band is to record and distribute (what they consider to be) bad ass metal! Of course live show's will be played. Non traditional band lingo aside, the heart and pulse of rock n roll still resides in the dark clubs, and sweaty crowds of fellow metal heads. However, how many show's have people attended because a artist or band "looked cool" without falling in love with their music first?


Not too many these guys believe. So if you like your metal straight up, with few frills and a hell of a attitude, then this band is for you! Let the music do the talking...