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Malus Dextra III part-2 album art-min.jpg
Malus Dextra III part-2 album art-min.jpg

Malus Dextra
Midwest Heavy Metal


New Music

Stream music new and old on Spotify.

New single "Feed The Beast" 

Released June 14, 2024

Are you a fan of intense riffs and a touch of aggression combined with a hint of melody? If so, we've got your interests covered. You can listen to the latest and earlier tracks from the masked metal group Malus Dextra, hailing from the Midwest, on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and other leading music streaming services.

Feed The Beast Album Art.png

Exclusive Merchandise Collection

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*sale ends Sunday June 23 2024

From Visuals to Vibrations:
Videos and Electrifying Concerts

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Welcome to the Clan!

Why should a band confine itself and its creative capabilities within the boundaries of a single music genre? Malus Dextra defies limitations, spanning across genres such as metal, heavy metal, hardcore, metalcore, progressive, and industrial. The categorization of subgenres won't confine their sound; instead, Malus Dextra embraces an unrestricted creative approach. The realm of music knows no bounds, and as they traverse between different musical dimensions, they wholeheartedly embrace creativity while cherishing the essence of musical harmony.

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